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FutureProofMe is an ed-tech career company driven by a passionate bunch of people working together to help, support and lead people into better employment.




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We believe everyone has unique views, thoughts, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, passions and abilities. And everyone learns and develops differently. 

So we thought it would make sense to offer a personalised service to help foster and grow these attributes by offering a proven and robust online support service.

Our personalised programme is either delivered one-on-one to a student by our strategists or through our Schools programme where the educator is supported by our strategists to deliver to their class.

By building on over 25 years of research, and through our relationships and partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies, we developed a system that significantly improves an individual’s future career prospects.

Through our modern approach we focus on key factors that have the greatest impact on an individual’s education and career pathway.

We focus on what big data is saying about the true skills that employers (not universities or colleges) need

Universities are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with industry skills needs, whilst new technology is changing the workplace at the fastest pace ever recorded.

Industry requires new employees who can quickly implement much needed job-ready technical and transferable skills. They don’t just want 3-year graduates who possess general, theory-heavy knowledge. An engineering student who is well versed in engineering skills may not know how to lead a team, run a business or  develop a website. Learning these additional skills can give any graduate an edge and place them in a far stronger position when applying for work.

Whilst unemployment levels are rising globally and even more so in South Africa, we are seeing a new trend where unemployment for university graduates is also increasing. Recent unemployment statistics from Stats SA show that should this trend continue, we believe that by 2025 as much as half of all university graduates will not find meaningful employment.

We recognise this trend and have developed a smart 6-step programme to mitigate this risk and place our students in the top bracket of “most sought after” potential employees, giving them “the edge” over competing applicants.

There is now rising unemployment for university graduates. To counter this, we use the Tri-Smart process

New technology is disrupting almost all aspects of work

Many current jobs are being replaced by automated, smart technology. It is expected that this trend will accelerate into the near future. AI and new technology are not only affecting lower skilled jobs but also higher end jobs like accounting, legal work, journalism and architecture. IBM has predicted that within a decade almost 100% of all jobs will be affected by AI. Naturally, we focus on new and smart technology.

Up till now, new technology and digital skills have been the domain of the “IT Department”. This is starting to change and the divide between the historical custodians of technology and the rest of the workforce is closing. Because of this blurring it has become imperative for almost all workers to become versed in new digital skills.    

The big five companies in the US in the year 2000 were non-tech companies. These have been replaced by the new big five: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. All of them are tech companies, and it is these companies that are creating the need for new digital skills demand. Their products and services are global and affects all aspects of industry. Get to know them, and optimise your own potential.

It has become imperative for almost all workers to become versed in new digital skills

The skills we share with you can help you earn more than your peers

According to Payscale, 60% of all companies said new grads lacked critical thinking skills and attention to detail (56%), while 44% found fault with their writing proficiency, and 39% were critical of their public speaking ability.

Skills can be broken down into 2 main groups: technical skills and transferable skills. We focus on both. Within these groups, you get 4 types of skills – but only 1 will earn you a premium salary.

Through our data analysis, we identify, support and get you to learn your best specific premium skills. We won’t just teach you everything. We also calculate how much each skill will increase your starting salary.

Realising your passion and embarking on a meaningful career to add value to society are probably the most important things anyone will do in their lifetime. 

It is not only important but imperative to follow a structured programme to reach your education and career goals. 

Our personal trainers guide you on this journey and use a unique holistic approach called the Tri-Smart Process. 

Become highly employable by “future proofing” yourself for the future of work

One-on-one personalised educational and career strategists

The best (and most important) part of what we do is offer you a personal educational and career trainer, just like a personal gym trainer, who you meet online once a month. They cover all aspects of your personal roadmap, from discovery sessions to assessments, to employers, to skills, motivation, leadership and much much more.

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