An updated short list of Jobs of the Future

I follow this aspect of future job forecasting quite closely. And whilst many authors seem to play safe and “copy” expected future job titles from others or from “safe” global publications like the World Economic Forum, some futurists have done well in considering more holistic forecasting factors and being quite accurate with their lists.

One such futurist who has done well and is respected world-wide for his work is Thomas Frey.

Many years ago he released a daring and extremely comprehensive list of jobs of the future. Many of them were unrecognisable with some outright unbelievable. But that list is now over 10 years old. And so it goes without saying that I was delighted to read on the 23rd December 2021, that an abridged list of 57 Jobs of the Future were released. There are many more to add, so hoping to see the list grow. But for now, here they are…


Metaverse Jobs:

  • Metaverse World Designers
  • Avatar Designers
  • Metaverse Storefront Creators, Developers, and Operators
  • Metaverse Law Enforcement
  • DAO Attorneys



  • Crypto Coaches and Advisors
  • Crypto Mortgage Specialists
  • Decentralization Managers
  • Future Entertainment
  • Robot Personality Engineers
  • Macro VR Projection Artists
  • Entertainment Trends Analyzer


Commercial Drone Industry:

  • Swarmbot Engineers
  • Swarmbot Entertainers
  • Drone Command Center Operators


Smart Cities:

  • Insect, Rodent, and Snake Monitors
  • Noise Analyzers
  • Police Drone Operators



  • Amnesia Surgeons – Doctors who are skilled in removing bad memories or destructive behavior.
  • Memory Augmentation Therapists – Entertainment is all about the great memories it creates. Creating a better grade of memories can dramatically change who we are and pave the way for an entirely new class of humans.
  • Digital Implant Architects
  • Genetic Troubleshooters
  • Body Part Fabricators
  • AI Health Managers


Digital Twins:

  • Sensor Engineers
  • Remote Operation Designers
  • Digital Twin Command Centers
  • Big Data
  • Privacy Strategists
  • Personal Data Managers, Archivists, and Protectors
  • Blockchain Designers
  • Vulnerabilities Analyst


3D Printed Houses:

  • 3D Print Architects, Designers, and Engineers
  • Fabrication Engineers
  • Site Prep and Planning Crew


Autonomous Transportation:

  • Future Highway Architects and Designers
  • Traffic Analysers
  • Drone Taxi Ground Crew


Cultured Meat (and food) Industry:

  • Growth Process Technician
  • Vat Managers
  • Demand Tracking Planners


Future Education:

  • AI Memory Assessment Engineers
  • AI Coach-Bot Designers
  • AI Teacher-Bot Developers


Future Agriculture:

  • Soil Analyzers, Preppers, and Managers
  • Crop Techs
  • Harvester Team Planners and Supervisors
  • Irrigation Managers


Commercial Space Industries:

  • Space-based Power Generators
  • Asteroid Trackers
  • Space Pilots
  • Space Journey Attendants



  • AI Capabilities Engineer
  • Robot Classification Gurus – Different laws will apply to different classifications of robots
  • Operator Certification Specialists



  • De-extinction Engineers
  • Can We / Should We Ethicists
  • Ransomware Hostage Negotiators
  • Ransomware Police