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We understand what companies are looking for in terms of employees of the near future and what workplace skills and aptitudes employees will need. We also quantify which skill-sets improve starting salaries and by how much. FutureProofMe systematically works with you and prepares you for this future world of work, identifying key employers and best fit careers. We also prepare you for job readiness, introduce you to potential employers and assist you with placing you into the workplace.

We are more than that. We are a “one-stop education and career shop”. We offer assessments, career and study roadmaps, your own personal trainer, access to top technology courses, online tuition support, introductions to potential employers and placements at employers.

Anyone from the age of 15 and who is wanting to better prepare themselves for the future world of work.

The school programme normally runs till mid-way through the matric year. We ideally aim to complete support until the prelims and finals are complete. The university programmes (Premium and Platinum) commence again in first year. Ideally, programmes should not be less than 10 months to work through, however in certain circumstances, fast-track programmes are available upon request.

The standard programmes and support will take 10 months to work through. Fastrack programmes are available upon request.

In terms of the third party skills programmes, yes, because our global partners and global content providers, such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon, Apple and Google, have developed and confer the content that they believe are the most relevant for future potential employment.
Simply because we guarantee better employment due to our unique 14-phase process and by assigning a personal strategist to you for leadership, motivation and accountability along your comprehensive educational and career journey.

EFT, Credit or Debit cards via a secure payment portal.

Yes, monthly payment options are also available.

Yes, a one month calendar notice cancellation is available. Payment liability will cease the following month. 

We guarantee better employment opportunities when you use our methods. No one can guarantee actual employment but we certainly significantly increase your chances.

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