Google’s new 6-month online certifications are
equivalent to a 4-year degree

Instead of studying a 3 or 4 year degree with no real guarantee of employment, Google now offers 6 month certifications with a great chance of employment.

Google made this announcement recently and it looks like they want to change the future of work and higher education for good.

It’s launching a selection of professional courses that teach candidates how to perform in-demand jobs.

These courses, which the company is calling Google Career Certificates, teach foundational skills that can help job-seekers immediately find employment. However, instead of taking years to finish like a traditional university degree, these courses are designed to be completed in about six months.

As an example, anyone can study the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, for around R5000!

At any local college, this course would cost anywhere from R10,000 to R30,000.

Other courses include Project Management, UX IX user design, IT Support and Data Management.

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