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In the 17th and 18th Centuries people from Europe were exploring and expanding into new parts of the world, seeking out new lives for themselves and building new industries.

In much the same way today, there is a new phenomenon taking place. In a way it’s also a new world that is being explored but with a difference. Instead of being a physical and analogue world, it’s digital and in cyberspace. And its name, the Metaverse.

For those of you not quite familiar with what the Metaverse is, here are two definitions.

“An exponentially growing virtual universe where people can create their own world how they see fit adapting experiences and knowledge from the physical world”

Elena Piech (Experiential Producer at AMP Creative).

“I hope it will be like the Oasis from ReadyPlayerOne where in the end; it’s owned by young people who care more about community than profit and use it for the good of the real and virtual world. And if that sounds ludicrously naive and optimistic about it – I am and I’m not sorry!”

Luke Shabro (Futurist & Deputy Director of the Mad Scientist Initiative – Army Futures Command).

In a nutshell it is Internet 3.0.

What has started is the duplication, without limits, of the physical world into a “twinned” digital world. Plus more. And before you say, “yes, I’ve heard this all before, or I can’t see this working” take a quick look at these staggering numbers:

The highest amount paid for an NFT, which is basically a digital painting, is slightly over R1,000,000,000 (one Billion Rand).

Pixelated head figures sell for approximately R100m. And some only feature a few hundred large pixels.

Virtual spaceships in Star Atlas (an online Metaverse blockchain game where people transact using a cryptocurrency called Solana) are being sold to (real) people and (real) companies for amounts far in excess of US$200,000.

What would you pay for the triangular spaceship in the game Asteroids? US$10,000? US$50,000?

There’s no denying that we are living in extraordinary times. But hundreds of thousands of people are flocking in droves to the Metaverse. It’s exciting, it’s new and the opportunities are endless. And yes, you can work there. In fact, it’s not that hard to earn R10,000 a month doing very little and having fun along the way.

We at FutureProofMe certainly believe that every new industry (real or virtual) that can help our youth build and develop value and new mini economies is worth exploring. The new Metaverse is such an opportunity and is a new frontier that is worth exploring further.

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