Bahieja Gabier


About Bahieja

Bahieja has worked in the development and education space for most of her career, spanning over 20 years.  She pursued a B.Ed Honours (HRD) after completing a Bachelor of Training and Development at the NW University as an adult distance learner.  To learn, to be of service, and making a difference in the lives of people, is what Bahieja values. She sees learning and service not just as “good things to do”, but as the fulfilment of personal and collective obligation.

Career Highlights

  • Worked as a youth development practitioner where she implemented projects that integrates academic achievement, work experience, social action, leadership development, and personal transformation at an agency of the government

  • Delivered and customized executive leadership development training interventions, as part of a dynamic team, for a renowned global provider blending university with business and bringing together experienced business and learning experts from a global network