The Happiest Industries To Work In (And The Skills You Need)

People who worked for a non-profit organisation in 2020 were the happiest employees (

These employees rarely left their jobs and were mostly satisfied (76%).

Other satisfying industries to have worked in, include:

Education, Energy, Architecture & Engineering and Technology.

On the opposite side of the scale, the least job satisfaction came from Retail and Accommodation & Food Services as well as Agencies and Consultancies. Travel and Tourism were also dismal.

This is because they suffered the most from lower salaries. Or even outright job loss.

Whilst this data changes year on year, it is expected that the above trends will remain more or less intact. Of course, health is going to be top of mind for most people in 2021, even with a vaccine roll out, along with safety and wellness (especially mental wellness) and reliance on our healthcare industry will remain high, along with increased levels of stress and anxiety. It is expected that travel and tourism will increase, but not to pre-Covid levels.

“In addition, the impact of a full year of forced social distancing is likely to change consumer behaviour and expectations beyond the end of the pandemic. Although some aspects of the brick and mortar economy will rebound, remote work is likely to become more common in the future as organizations go fully remote or adopt hybrid models. Businesses have also learned to evolve to digital services, so skills related to online shopping, delivery of goods and technology to improve digital experiences are likely to remain highly valued.”

Finally, the most sought-after skills (and highest paid) in 2020 according to Indeed were:

  • Project management
  • Mobile application development
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sales leadership
  • Analytical reasoning
  • U.S. taxation
  • People management
  • Video production
  • Audio production
  • Translation
  • Financial planning

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