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The World’s Top Paying Skills

Every now and again we refresh the world’s leading skills in terms of demand and pay. I say world because more and more people are working remotely and so it is more feasible today than ever before to be able to sit in one country and work for a company in another.

We have written up several articles now on the benefits of living in a country where costs are relatively low compared to the “West” and working for a company paying hard currency, like the Euro, Dollar, Pound or Yen. It is really not that difficult to do. But this article is not about that. It’s about taking a long, hard look at the world’s most sought-after skills, following our trends reports, comparing differences, analysing those trends and building a roadmap as to how you can take yourself from where you are today and work towards a better future. On average we think anyone can do this within 2 years. Studying 2 skills and entering into one of our short programmes (even if it is for 4 months!) and applying for work, shouldn’t take more than 18 months, but let’s call it 2 years.

One of our earlier reports from 2021 showed 2 young adults, straight out of school with similar interests who wanted to embark upon learning journeys with the view of securing future employment. They chose different paths but kept to the main theme of Human Resources. Miss A chose a traditional BA degree followed by Honours, whilst Miss B, through a more scientific process, and with a bit of help from one of our strategists, studied smarter and shorter courses. To cut a long story short, Miss B ended up with over an 80% probability of finding employment whilst Miss A only had a 0,7% chance, despite her scoring Distinctions.

Ok, enough intro. Here are the 20 main skills to keep in mind. And spot the “tech” theme…

Coding And Software Enhancement

Networking Development

Soft Skills

Algorithms Designer

Cloud Computing

UI Designer

Online Frameworks

Software Computing


Public Relations

Economical View

Video Production

Audio Production

Sales (Ex. Affiliate, Offline)

Digital Marketing & SEO


Content Creation



Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking


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