We guarantee better employment by preparing you for the new world of work

As an ed-tech career company working with some of the world’s leading technology companies, we help individuals build and grow their personal Ed-tech Career Balance Sheets and roadmaps to better employment.

With rising unemployment and the exponential growth of new technologies in the working world, the “old way” of schooling, studying and looking for work is long gone. Instead we provide a modern, hands-on, one-on-one personal strategist approach.

We assign our students a personal educational and career trainer, just like a personal fitness trainer, to help them get much better results guaranteeing better employability.

By establishing key strengths, interests, goals and aptitudes through a series of assessments and discovery sessions, we co-build personal Balance Sheets and Roadmaps and lead students on a programme of personal, one-on-one ongoing support, analysis, advice, motivation, course material, leadership, skills, smart employer introductions and job placement.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading technology companies, and align with the skills thinking of Google, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, because these companies are fast becoming the biggest employers in the world and are providing platforms that are supporting the current and future landscapes of work.

What’s more, we work alongside and compliment schools, colleges, universities and places of work. Even if you are unemployed or in-between jobs, our system will work for you. Our strategists are best in class and have mentoring, training, educational, or business backgrounds. We like to think of your strategist as your own ‘personal trainer’ who’ll get you into great shape.
The FutureProofMe programmes are delivered over 10, 20 and 30 month intervals, starting any time during the year and vary in personalised contact.

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How to get started

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Take our 6 minute career assessment and receive personalised feedback on your top career areas and which ones to avoid as well as information on macro key trends that you need to take into consideration.
We will share and discuss 14 unique key phases and 5 important career themes that you need to build your Personal Balance Sheet and how you can guarantee better employment.

Programmes start any time during the year and are not linked to a school or university calendar year.

Take control of your future today!