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FutureProofMe is an ed-tech career company

We guarantee better employment by preparing you for the new world of work

We work and align with some of the world’s leading technology companies and employers like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google. We help kids plan, build and grow their own Personal Balance Sheets through:

– relevant and recognised targeted courses
– support and guidance from their own personal strategist
– learning 13 powerful techniques that nobody else in industry uses

Most importantly – we introduce our students to prospective employers to secure better employment. This differentiates our students from their peers.


What people are saying about us

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Charlie Committed Parent

FutureProofMe just makes so much sense
"Jobs are changing and the workplace is changing. The working world is not like I understood it when I grew up and so FutureProofMe just makes so much sense"

Mark Parent

This is a fantastic initiative
"Technology is changing our world so fast that it’s important to have a helping hand throughout the process to help prepare our youth for the future world of work. FutureProofMe does just that"

Anita University Student

Enhancing my career and future goals
"As we enter into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, FutureProofMe can provide the skills and tools to enhance my career and future goals!”

Gavin Parent - 2 High School Boys

Providing a much needed service
"As a father of two boys in High School, FutureProofMe provides a much needed service that will help them find better employment"

Tyler University Student

They understand my dreams and goals
"Having my own personal educational career strategist is awesome! She really understands my own personal dreams and goals and what I need to do to get there"

#Our process

Our process

We help people build and navigate their own personal roadmaps and Ed-tech Career Balance Sheets to better employment. We provide a modern, hands-on, one-on-one, personal strategist approach whereby each student is assigned a personal educational and career trainer, just like a personal fitness trainer, to help them get better results and guaranteed better employment. They meet once a month online and use our online service tool to cover 14 important phases that we have identified as being key in securing better employment.

We also work with High Schools. Our School programme is offered within the school, and the educator, or subject teacher, is supported by our strategists in delivering the programme to the scholars.

FutureProofMe will help you get there.

Our process is comprehensive, personalised and guaranteed to work.

Personal Educational and Career Strategist support throughout the process

You get your own personal educational and career strategist, just like a personal gym trainer, who meets with you online once a month to guide, lead, support and train you along your journey.

Discovery sessions and personalised assessments

After completing our initial online career assessment and discovery session, our strategists work closely with you to explore and build on your key career areas, aptitudes, strengths, passions, behaviours and goals.

Personalised Ed-tech Career Balance Sheet and roadmap

Your detailed Personal Balance Sheet & roadmap shows you how to achieve your education and career goals including formal education, skills training, leadership, entrepreneurship training, vocabulary building and key employer identification through our unique Tri-Smart process.

Skills gap analysis and training with optional tutor support

In conjunction with our strategic partners and content providers - Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, we identify your best online digital, tech and transferable skills and calculate each of their Rand / US$ effects on your starting salary. Online tuition can also be provided.

Introduction to potential employers

Through our global placements agency, we introduce you to potential employers, establish liaisons and where applicable, apply for shadow work / internships.

Job placement

We conduct job interview preparedness and mock, real-time AI assisted interviews. Our global placements agency will put you forward for potential employment at your most preferred potential employer.

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How to get started

You are just 3 easy steps away .....

Take our 6 minute career assessment and receive personalised feedback on your top career areas and which ones to avoid as well as information on macro key trends that you need to take into consideration.
We will share and discuss 14 unique key phases and 5 important career themes that you need to build your Personal Balance Sheet and how you can guarantee better employment.

Programmes start any time during the year and are not linked to a school or university calendar year.

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Simply click on the link below, complete our form and one of our professional consultants will contact you.

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